The Guy!

Killer bee authority, and removal expert Reed Booth is recognized around the country from his appearances on Fox, National Geographic, Discovery and the Food Network.

Reed's award winning honey products have caused a stir in kitchens around the country... and around the world.

Reed Booth, Killer Bee removal expert for 20 years, was born and raised in northern Wisconsin. Realizing at an early age that he was not covered with fur, he set out in search of warmer climes. His journey took him to almost every state and almost every town, including extensive travel in Latin America....READ MORE

How Sweet It Is!

The Killer Bee Guy loves to cook and that is how he came up with all his flavors of honey butters and mustards.

"All of my honey butters are great on toast and pancakes and have never hurt a muffin! I also love to use them as a marinade on meats and fish. All of my honey mustards are great on brats, burgers, dogs, sandwiches - and of course pretzels. Glazing meats and fish will once again delight you and your guests!"

And naturally all of our honey products are great for your stinger, too! Get the buzz about all of our Killer Bee Products HERE.

Killer Bee Guy In Action

The Killer Bee Guy can bee seen on National Geographic, Discovery and the Food Network.

Check out a sampling of our videos (NOT suitable for all audiences, may contain occasional cursing, lame humor and possible bee sex! Click HERE to view some of this live action video or here for Killer Bee Guy You Tube Videos

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Our Store

We're on Main Street in historic Old Bisbee, Arizona and in Historic Tombstone! We sell all of our Killer Bee products here, like our honey butters and our honey mustards and our Killer Bee Pollen.

Buzz on by, pull up a chair and chat for a while. Watch half the town come by for samples of our famous honey mustards on our free pretzels.

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